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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Spitz -- Yasashii Ano Ko(優しいあの子)

Happy weekend! Feeling darn warm in my room but the fan is alleviating things a tad.

I don't particularly want to be doing farm work in Hokkaido, but I guess that there is something to be said about performing the chores in the open air and then resting up on a hay bale. Of course, I'm just going from the above thumbnail for the 2019 NHK morning serial drama "Natsuzora"(なつぞら). All I know about the show is the opening credits (which I couldn't find in their original form) which are an anime sequence featuring the main character and some cute forest animals.

However, I was able to find the theme song, "Yasashii Ano Ko" (That Nice Girl), Spitz's 42nd single from June 2019. It's nice to hear Masamune Kusano's(草野正宗)distinctive voice again after so long, and the song is a perfect fit for both Spitz and "Natsuzora" with that optimistic country-style melody. Kusano provided both music and words with the band and Seiji Kumeda(亀田誠治)of Tokyo Jihen(東京事変)working on the overall arrangement.

"Yasashii Ano Ko" reached No. 2 on Oricon, going Gold. The song is also a track on Spitz's 16th original album "Mikke"(見っけ...See) released later in October that year which also went Gold and hit No. 2.

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