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Sunday, June 21, 2020

RIO -- Virgin Snow

Heck of a time to put up something related to winter considering that the Humidex today in Toronto is probably hitting 38 degrees Celsius.

But there is something about this song that's quite catchy. Titled "Virgin Snow", this is a January 1994 single by the band RIO, and this could have been the penultimate single since I have already pegged their final single "Manatsu no Koi"(真夏の恋)as having been released some months later that year. "Manatsu no Koi" was the pop/rock song that greeted viewers of the TBS late-night cooking show "Chuubou desu yo!"(チューボーですよ!)on Saturdays.

"Virgin Snow" was also an opening theme, this time for another TBS program called "Cinema ni Zokkon"(シネマにぞっKON!). However, this song has more of a technopop flair to it, and in fact, I get those PSY-S feelings from it as high-toned lyricist/singer Mike sings about hoping for a good dusting of snow to eliminate all of her ills.

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