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Monday, July 28, 2014

Michiyo Kitajima -- Telepathy Kudasai (てれぱしいください)

The video for this song was put up just a few months ago. I decided to give it a shot and found "Telepathy Kudasai" (Please Give Me Your Telepathy) a pleasant if not a classic pop song from the 80s. I had never heard of Michiyo Kitajima (北島美智代)before this hour and apparently she was one of those people who had a very brief time in the spotlight, only releasing 2 singles in 1985-1986 according to this Japanese webpage.

"Telepathy Kudasai" was Kitajima's debut single from November 1985. It was written by Kunihiko Suzuki (鈴木邦彦)and composed by Kei Wakakusa(若草恵), and it was used as the theme for an NHK documentary show centering on the animal kingdom titled "Watching" from April 1985 to March 1989. It was hosted by the ubiquitous tarento emeritus Tamori(タモリ). As I said, the song is pleasant to listen to and Kitajima had a pretty nice voice. I actually ended up mouthing "....telepathy kudasai..." a few times myself as it was playing.

Unfortunately, there seems to be very little information on Kitajima aside from what little was provided on that aforementioned Japanese webpage and that was purely on her short recording career. The author there rather dryly wondered whether the singer was still continuing on as a regional enka chanteuse under a different name. Methinks she's probably been enjoying life as a regular housewife and mother. However, what was also illuminating was seeing how many singers and aidoru had debuted during 1986 as shown on that page. There were very few that I had known already with the most well-known singer being Akemi Ishii(石井明美). Hey, that's part of the fun of doing this blog!

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