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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tomoko Aran -- Midnight Pretenders

Tomoko Aran's (亜蘭知子)"Midnight Pretenders" is a laid-back tune that I just encountered by grand happenstance in the last few minutes. Just like her "Slow Nights" on her 4th album, "More Relax", "Midnight Pretenders" had that City Pop vibe of gentle nighttime listening from the comfort of one's living room.

"Midnight Pretenders" was written by Aran and composed by Tetsuro Oda(織田哲郎), her fellow collaborator for all of those future hits for beach band TUBE. Right from the beginning with that descending keyboard riff, I got that urge to look out that rooftop bar window and contemplate the sunset....of course, drinking down a couple of rum and Cokes could also add to the ambiance. The song was a track on Aran's 3rd album from May 1983, "Fuyuu Kuukan"(浮遊空間...Floating Spaces). It's too bad that it wasn't included on the BEST album that I got for her, but that's all the more inspiration to get another original CD by the singer-songwriter.

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