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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Top 10 Singles of 1973

1.  Shiro Miya and The Pinkara Trio                 Onna no Michi
2.  Shiro Miya and The Pinkara Trio                 Onna no Negai
3.  GARO                                                        Gakusei Gai no Kissaten
4.  Naomi Chiaki                                              Kassai
5.  Kenji Sawada                                             Kiken na Futari
6.  Kaguyahime                                                Kandagawa
7.  Tulip                                                           Kokoro no Tabi
8.  Mari Amachi                                               Koi suru Natsu no Hi
9.  Mari Amachi                                               Wakaba no Sasayaki
10. Miyoko Asada                                           Akai Fusen

I already mentioned this in the article for "Onna no Michi", but the enka classic not only won the Oricon annual sweepstakes for 1973 but it had also done so for the previous year. And to make the win even sweeter, Shiro Miya and The Pinkara Trio also had a lock on the 2nd-most successful song for 1973.

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