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Monday, July 28, 2014

Top 10 Singles of 1999

1.   Dango Gasshodan                                Dango San Kyodai
2.   GLAY                                                 Winter, Again
3.   Ayumi Hamasaki                                  A-- Monochrome...
4.   Ryuichi Sakamoto                                Ura BTTB--Energy Flow
5.   Hikaru Utada                                       Automatic
6.   Hikaru Utada                                       Addicted to You
7.   Morning Musume                                 Love Machine
8.   GLAY                                                 BE WITH YOU
9.   L'Arc-en-Ciel                                      Heaven's Drive
10. Kinki Kids                                           Flower

I remember the year distinctly being one in which a Japanese-American, one-third of YMO and a group of young girls who hadn't supposed to have been successful a few years back went over the top with their hits. And yet, they were all topped by a trio of tiny rice dumplings.

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