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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Nagi Yanagi -- Aqua Terrarium (アクアテラリウム)

Not all of the anime that my friend introduces at our biweekly functions gets past the gate. A couple of years ago, he showed the pilot episode of a series which featured the emotional ups and downs between civilizations living on land and on the ocean floor as represented by some kids from the latter civilization having to attend a junior high school on land. The anime was "Nagi no Asu kara"(凪のあすから)from 2013 or as it was known in English, "A Lull in the Sea".

To be honest, "A Lull in the Sea" lulled me and my friend to sleep. And so it was quickly forgotten. However, some time later, I was listening to my hard drive filled with anison and came across this haunting ballad which turned out to be the first ending theme for "Nagi no Asu kara" titled "Aqua Terrarium".

Sung and written by Kansai-born Nagi Yanagi(やなぎなぎ), her 6th single from November 2013 has that comfortable and somewhat New Age-y melody as provided by fellow singer-songwriter Chiaki Ishikawa(石川智晶). I think what especially sold me on the song were the "Hee, hee, hee, hee" and the whispery vocals by Yanagi which sounded like something that could have emanated through the sea. Strangely enough, although "Aqua Terrarium" has that hypnotic quality, I am more than willing to keep my ears awake for this song. It got as high as No. 22 on Oricon and is a track on Yanagi's 2nd album, "Polyomino"(ポリオミノ)from December 2014 which peaked at No. 7.

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