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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Hi-Fi Set -- Boyfriend

(excerpt only)

When it comes to my knowledge of the vocal group Hi-Fi Set(ハイ・ファイ・セット), it's pretty much divided between their time in the 1970s and the lone studio album I bought in 1990, "White Moon" (although I have a BEST compilation by them). There was that whole decade of the 1980s that I've missed and so I'm happy that nikala has been able to fill in the gaps to a small extent with a couple of articles including their 1984 song "Sunao ni Naritai"(素直になりたい).

But then by accident the other night, I encountered this YouTube video of a Hi-Fi Set ballad from the same decade, "Boyfriend". Usually when it comes to listening to YouTube fare, I've listened to the song partway and then quickly junked it if it didn't particularly appeal to me. This song I not only listened the whole way through but I immediately listened to it twice. I liked it that much (personal opinion will of course vary).

"Boyfriend" is the B-side to Hi-Fi Set's 23rd single from February 1985, "Rainbow Signal" and is a track on their 13th album "Indigo" from the same month. Written by Ryo Koizumi(小泉亮), the lyrics are very melancholy as they delve into the lonely aftermath of a not-too-happy breakup as the girlfriend realizes how empty her world and her apartment are now. Masamichi Sugi's(杉真理)music had me by the throat especially when the soaring guitar bridge and the key changes came in. But it was of course Junko Yamamoto's(山本潤子)echoing vocals which sealed the deal for me. So now I feel like I have to target "Indigo" as my next purchase although it probably won't be until early next year since I've already gone ahead and bought myself several discs for Xmas.

I was just writing about the upcoming Kohaku Utagassen for December 31 2015 in my last article and so I thought about whether Hi-Fi Set could make an appearance some year. Unfortunately one of the trio sadly passed away early last year.

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