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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Re: -- The Sequel

I was wondering about which photo I would use to signify some bad news so I'm going with this darkened hallway at Daitokan, the ryokan that my friends and I stayed at last year.

Last year, I mentioned about how NetEase or was off the air for some days before it came back. Well, the same thing has happened in the last couple of weeks and I've got the feeling that this might be permanent. I've spoken to a couple of the other collaborators, Noelle in Singapore and Marcos in Brazil, and they've both informed me that they can no longer listen to any music there either. And there's been some chatter on the Net stating similar information.

So I'm just mentioning it here lest I get any inquiries about the situation since I've had a lot of links to the site via the articles as you all know. I'm not sure if this is a planetwide thing as far as I know, so if some of you out there can still listen to stuff on NetEase, let us know where you are...and you have my envy. To be honest, I'm not surprised that this has happened and I had actually been wondering when Legal would be bringing down the hammer. If it's happened to Grooveshark then NetEase was going to be a matter of time. Strangely enough, though, I was able to download some cloud app from the site which allows me to play some songs although a good chunk has been greyed out.

Still, I (and Noelle and Marcos) want to be able to talk about the fun music from Japan so we'll be more than happy to check out YouTube unless we get some definitive news about 163 or a new site pops up. Perhaps the photo above could be used to signify that there may be some light at the end of the corridor. :)

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