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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Shizuka Kudo -- Watashi ni Tsuite (私について)

Oh, wow...I wasn't aware of the release of this Shizuka Kudo(工藤静香)single and I was midway through my JET Programme experience at the time. Should have been more aware since I actually do like it. "Watashi ni Tsuite" (About Me) was released as Kudo's 11th single in September 1990 from another Miyuki Nakajima and Tsugutoshi Goto(中島みゆき・後藤次利)collaboration. The pair was also responsible for earlier Kudo hits "Mugon Iroppoi"(MUGO・ん 色っぽい)and "Shouko wo Misete"(証拠をみせて).

Unlike the whirlwind of "Mugon Iroppoi", "Watashi ni Tsuite" is a slightly mellower Latin-tinged song about a young woman who's thinking about taking that leap into a potentially exciting and perhaps toxic secret romance. Does she play it safe or does she risk it all? The Latin melody adds to the exotic atmosphere of the illicit affair. Instead of a city hotel, it could all be taking place at some tiki bar in the Caribbean. According to a magazine article via J-Wiki, Kudo stated that she'd gotten compliments from fellow aidoru Kyoko Koizumi(小泉今日子)for the lyrics; hopefully, the former relayed the kudos (no pun intended) to Nakajima.

"Watashi ni Tsuite" hit No. 1 on Oricon and became the 46th-ranked single of 1990. Always looking for those "better late than never" revelations.

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