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Friday, November 20, 2015

Yasuhiro Abe -- Double Imagination

Well, I never expected to see the late Paul Newman in the annals of this blog, but here he is. Yes, even Butch Cassidy did Japanese commercials. Specifically, he apparently did a series of ads for Nissan's Skyline, and boy, did he look darn dapper.

And the theme song for those car commercials was Yasuhiro Abe's(安部恭弘)6th single "Double Imagination" from September 1984. To be honest, the song is a pleasant if harmless little ditty which the singer composed along with Kyoko Matsumiya's(松宮恭子)lyrics. However in a way, her words seem to fit a lot of the characters that Newman played such as the aforementioned Cassidy, Hud and Henry Gondorff from "The Sting". Abe basically sings in the role of a laddish cad who just as smoothly leaves a brief fling as he enters one. I'm not sure if the legendary actor ever heard the jingle but if his interpreter had explained about it, perhaps Newman would have given a knowing wink in tribute to Abe.

The above video is an acoustic cover version of "Double Imagination" by the Ovations.


  1. hello! i've been hanging out around this blog for a long time already but just now i thought that i'm ought to comment something... and so thank you for your hard work! i really enjoy reading the posts here, i love older songs and every time i research sth about them, i always end up here. thank you!!

    1. Hello m. And thanks kindly for your comments. I'm glad that you've enjoyed the blog for such a long time. It's good to hear from another fan of the older kayo. By the way, who would be your favourite artists?


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