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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Mia Inoue -- Koi no Owari(恋の終わり)


Singer-songwriter Mia Inoue(井上水晶)is another recent discovery. I've put her in the same lovely company as microstar, Blue Peppers(ブルー・ペパーズ), and Minami Kitasono(北園みなみ)as an artist of this current decade who's into some classy and mellow pop. According to her brief bio underneath the above video from her own YouTube account, she hails from Fukuoka although between the ages of 11 and 14, she lived in Beijing. From the age of 16, she set out on the path to become a singer-songwriter.

According to that same bio, she came out with her 5th concept album "Interpretation" in October 2013, and one of the songs (short excerpt only) that I've indicated in the above video is "Koi no Owari" (End of Love), a piano-led tune that is pretty darn happy when considering the title.

But then it was the self-cover of "Koi no Owari" that I first discovered, and I couldn't be sure but I think this was recorded in 2014. The song has been given a flavour boost of sorts thanks to the arrangement by aforementioned Minami Kitasono. Still happy but with some more enhanced perky hooks and backup chorus, perhaps with a hint of Doobie Bounce (?).

Would love to know how to get the physical album for this one by Inoue.

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