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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Asami Kado -- Yuunagi(夕凪ぎ)

Looks like Saturday is the day for love ballads.

Along with Midori Karashima(辛島美登里)today, I'm putting up my first solo Asami Kado(門あさ美)article for the first time in a few years. From her April 1983 5th album, "Private Male", I bring you the truly tender "Yuunagi" (Evening Calm), written and composed by Kado about what I think is a possibly re-lighting of the flame of romance for a couple.

The arrangement was handled by Akira Inoue(井上鑑)and what I like about "Yuunagi" is that old-fashioned ballad treatment with violins and rich piano as I get images of The Eagles and Carly Simon from the 1970s. With Kado behind the mike, there's still that feeling of Fashion Music, and her tender vocals suggest that the wish for a second chance at love is tenuous at best.

"Private Male" was a Top 10 hit for Kado, breaking in at No. 9.

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