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Friday, October 13, 2017

Chocolate Lips -- Weekend Lover

Nice song to write about since it is indeed a Friday (the 13th). Marcos V.'s mention of Miho Fujiwara(藤原美穂)in his article "Marcos V.’s Special Selection Vol. II" recently reminded me that the lady was once the vocalist for the J-Funk band Chocolate Lips back in the 1980s.

Yup, I really ought to track their album "Chocolate Lips" down. I found another track from their 1984 record, and though it isn't quite as catchy as "Day Dreamin'", the first song that I discovered by the band, "Weekend Lover" is still a nice piece of tight funk. And I think Fujiwara is one of those underrated singers of the genre. I do love that beat and the saxophone plus the keyboard sure sound sweet.

It's when I listen to the old-school R&B that I start appreciating some of the music that Bruno Mars has been introducing or re-introducing in recent years. Wouldn't mind a call back to the more soulful brand of the genre.

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