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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Emiko Shiratori -- Irodori no Aki(彩りの秋)

A couple of weeks back or so, one of the commenters was suggesting some other singers with one of them being Emiko Shiratori(白鳥英美子). Now, I've actually heard of Shiratori since she was part of the 1970s duo Toi et Moi(トワ・エ・モワ)and some of her songs were played on my old radio program "Sounds of Japan" back in the 1980s.

Although Shiratori has been listed in J-Wiki as a pop/folk singer, my impression of her through the songs from "Sounds of Japan" is that of someone who is an expert in healing music. As soon as you listen to her, the effect is almost something you would get from a cup of chamomile tea. Her beautiful voice is very calming to the soul.

Some time after the initial breakup of Toi et Moi, Shiratori began her solo career. Her first single coming out in 1982 but it wouldn't be until 1988 that she got her first hit through her cover of "Amazing Grace". However, she had been releasing solo albums since 1973 and her 9th album "Irodori"(彩り...Colours)from September 1992 has this lovely number called "Irodori no Aki" (Colourful Fall).

I did forget what a lovely voice Shiratori has and it's nice to be reminded of it through this ballad. Perhaps that cup of chamomile and some cookies would be fine to have right now. Also, if my tape recorder Jaws is in a kind mood, I may try to track down those old songs of her on the ancient audiotapes of "Sounds of Japan".


  1. Hi J-Canuck!

    It's my fault again; I was the one who suggested her :P

    Well thanks for introducing her and this song on your blog; as to me her best period is her ARO (鴉鷺) period or her 2nd/3rd albums (1982/1983) I tend to forget she still has nice songs throughout all her discography.

    She and her husband/producer Sumio Shiratori (白鳥澄夫) were/are not a golden combi and reached the highs of others like "Mariya Takeuchi/Tatsuro Yamashita" or "Yuming/Masataka Matsutoya" to name a few. And that's a bit sad considering how good is her voice.

    Also her career is made of very few highs (Amazing Grace, Melodies of Life (from FFIX)...) and lots of low. Long breaks also. So she's not that easy to follow :)

    1. Hello, Daemonskald.

      And thanks for having me re-acquaint myself with one of the veterans on "Sounds of Japan". Yep, she didn't exactly reach the same heights of Takeuchi and Yuming but as with many other fine singers, I'm sure she's been able to garner a dedicated following over the years.


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