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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Rajie/Maki Nomiya feat. Crazy Ken Band -- Kibun wo Dashite Mou Ichido (気分を出してもう一度)


I listened to Rajie's debut album from 1977 "Heart to Heart" again earlier this afternoon and it's starting to age quite nicely. I already covered the album back in the summer but one track that I had yet to cover is the one featured here, "Kibun wo Dashite Mou Ichido" (Bring Back The Mood Once More), a cute little number that could be set in any intimate bar in a big city as a woman tries to tease out her guy's feelings for her.

Showing my age here but I could probably imagine Katherine Hepburn in this situation while trying to crack through Cary Grant's shell...or if you wish, Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, but perhaps even that pairing may be a little too dated. Fair enough. Anyways, "Kibun wo Dashite Mou Ichido" was composed by Kazuhiko Kato(加藤和彦)and written by Kazumi Yasui(安井かずみ)as this Latin-tinged song evoking some nice tropical feelings.


A quarter of a century later, the Divine Ms. Maki Nomiya(野宮真貴)unearthed "Kibun" once more in 2002 to perform it as a 70s soul duet with the Crazy Ken Band's Ken Yokoyama(横山剣). The track is included in Nomiya's album "Lady Miss Warp". That's a pretty nice combo with one of the Shibuya-kei set performing with the charmingly louche Yokoyama.

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