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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Peanuts/Danny Iida & The Paradise Kings -- Kanashiki Kangaroo(悲しきカンガルー)

I've been continuing to go through the additions to my kayo record collection and found one such record by the beloved kayo duo The Peanuts(ザ・ピーナッツ). And yep, I'm quite happy that I finally have a platter by Emi and Yumi.

The record I have is a 33 1/3 maxi-single with two songs on each side, one of which is titled "Kanashiki Kangaroo" (Sad Kangaroo), a cover of a popular 1960 single, "Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport" released by the (now notorious) Australian singer-entertainer Rolf Harris. The Peanuts' cover came out in January 1964 with the Japanese lyrics written by Kazumi Minami.

However, a few months previously, the group Danny Iida & The Paradise Kings(ダニー飯田とパラダイス・キング)provided their own more country music-feeling cover of "Kanashiki Kangaroo" as another example of their Yakushi Pop(訳詞ポップス), Japanese-translated versions of Western tunes. In both the Kings' version and the one by The Peanuts, the wobble board from Harris' original is applied. And I think with both covers, the happy-go-lucky jingly-jangly nature of the song would probably have made it quite popular in Japan and on Japanese TV as well.

And here I thought that there was only one Japanese pop song with a kangaroo in the title.

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