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Monday, October 23, 2017

Kikuko Inoue, Yumi Touma and Aya Hisakawa -- Coro di dea

Had the usual food-and-anime session with my buddy yesterday. I got to see a number of new anime for Fall 2017 which have been OK so far..."Just Because" was actually funnier than I had thought it would be while "Two-Car" was more dramatic than expected. Of course, "Mahoujin Guru Guru" has continued to be hilarious as usual. The theme songs accompanying the new shows haven't exactly been instant earworms, though.

Of course, there was the anison hour, and I wanted to touch upon one short classical piece that I heard and enjoyed. It was actually from the 2000 motion picture treatment of the beloved anime "Ah! Megami-sama"(ああっ女神さまっ...Ah! My Goddess). Titled "Coro di dea", I guess it must have had its time during the climactic moment during the movie (I never saw it) but it was performed by the three main seiyuu from the original show, Kikuko Inoue(井上喜久子), Yumi Touma(冬馬由美)and Aya Hisakawa(久川綾)as Belldandy, Urd and Skuld respectively.

Accompanied by the Warsaw Chorus, it's quite the grand 2 minutes and very anthemic. Anime fans have commented that a certain anison should be their choice for a song to be played at their weddings or funerals. I would be more than happy to have "Coro di dea" played at my funeral although I'm not particularly religious.

I was surprised to find out that the song was composed by Shiro Hamaguchi(浜口史郎)who would come up with another grand but different song for an anime about a dozen years later. Animation director Hiroaki Gouda(合田浩章)wrote the lyrics to "Coro di dea" with Taro Yamashita(山下太郎)translating them into Latin.

Incidentally, happy belated birthday to Inoue (September 25th) who turns 17...again!

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