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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Denki Groove -- Drill King Anthem (ドリルキング社歌)

When I first heard Denki Groove's(電気グルーヴ)cheeky "Drill King Anthem 2001" from their self-tribute album, "The Last Supper" (July 2001), I had thought it was a parody of tokusatsu themes with a bit of techno stuff reminiscent of M.A.R.R.S.' "Pump Up The Volume". And the official video above added to the hilarity as Takkyu Ishino and Pierre Taki(石野卓球・ピエール瀧)showed off a Monkees-style PG-rated montage of their hijinks including the former nonchalantly walking down a spiral staircase au naturel.

Well, the song was a bit more than that, actually. The original version of "Drill King Anthem" came from the band's August 1994 "Drill King Anthology" album featuring artists under Drill King Records, a company supervised by Denki Groove. Kaoru Endo and Sumiko Endo(遠藤薫・遠藤スミ子)created this march for a pink salon which had made the rounds during live performances, and apparently got enough approval to get onto this particular album. Lyrics that include dreaming of becoming a pink Satan, pissing in the mailbox and setting fire to tempura oil lend to the gleeful anarchy. It was this song that cemented my image of Takkyu and Pierre as a duo that had its tongue implanted firmly in cheek. The album itself got up to No. 8 on Oricon.

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