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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

E-Girls -- RYDEEN ~Dance All Night~

I remember hearing this song earlier in the year, and not caring at all. It wasn’t until today, thanks to a good friend of mine, that I listened to it with calm and a more, let's say, open heart. In the end, “RYDEEN ~Dance All Night~”, by aidoru group E-Girls, left a nice second impression on me.

When I first heard “RYDEEN ~Dance All Night~”, my main problem with it was the fact that E-Girls were sampling the classic YMO’s “RYDEEN” in a contemporary dance-pop song. Yeah, it was purely purism of my part. Today, after repeated listens, the song kinda worked better.

Basically, it starts right with “RYDEEN’s” main synth melody and the chorus. Afterwards, the first verse comes and... it’s a Latin song fused with European dance beats. My favourite part of the song is probably near the end, when “RYDEEN’s” iconic melody is fused with today’s synths, resulting in a great combination of past and present. All in all, this song could easily be played in Ibiza.

Before I forget, let’s talk a little about E-Girls. Frankly speaking, the group is a Frankenstein created by Avex. In other words, they’re five groups put together: Dream, Flower, Happiness, bunny (a non debuted dance group, according to generasia) and EDG (EXILE Dance Girls, a dance group that works mainly as EXILE’s backup dancers). Also, E-Girls can be seen as a direct response from the Japanese music industry after the Korean invasion back in 2010/2011. That said, they’re somewhat similar in style and music with Korean girl groups like Girls’ Generation (Shoujo Jidai [少女時代] in Japan) or T-ara, for example.

"RYDEEN ~Dance All Night~" was used to promote "COLORFUL POP", the second full lenght album released by E-Girls, in March 2014. The album reached #1 on the Oricon charts, selling 157,387 copies. As for the song, lyrics were written by Maria Okada and MNDR, while music was composed by Takahashi Yukihiro (高橋幸宏). Finally, the arrangement was done by CLARABELL.

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