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Monday, September 8, 2014

Yujiro Ishihara/Yuzo Kayama -- Yogiri yo Konya mo Arigatou (夜霧よ今夜も有難う)

This mellow tune sung by actor-singer Yujiro Ishihara (石原 裕次郎)  can really help one to unwind after a stressful day at work/school. With its soft guitar chords, followed by the lonely blare of the saxophone mixed with Mr Tough Guy's smooth vocal delivery, this is a song that sounds like some good background music at some nice drinking establishment while you sit at the bar sipping away at your brandy or whatever. Or one those you'd listen to in the middle of the night when you have trouble sleeping.

Written by the late musician Kuranosuke Hamaguchi (浜口 庫之助) and released in 1967, the bluesy single 'Yogiri yo Konya mo Arigatou' ('Thanks for the night fog tonight' when literally translated) was also the theme song for the movie of the same name that came out in the same year, featuring Ishihara himself as the lead - of course - and actress Ruriko Asaoka (浅丘ルリ子) as the leading lady. 

The song itself did well and was another big hit for the big fella (the guy stood at an imposing 183cm!), selling about 2.5 million singles. Not too sure how the movie did though, but I'm sure it was well received since you've got one equivalent to the Wakadaisho being the front man.

Speaking of the Wakadaisho, Yuzo Kayama (加山雄三) did a cover of this song - not too sure when though - and I suppose it is sort of a tribute to Tough Guy as well. His version is faster in pace but still as bluesy as the original with that husky voice of his.

Ishihara and Asaoka. Aw, how cute.


  1. Ahhh....the 60s were the peak of Mood Kayo. I remember listening to this on the old videos and when I hear songs like this one now, I can imagine the whiskey and ice swishing around in the glasses. Would like to hit those izakaya in Akasaka again but really don't know anyone in Tokyo anymore who has the drinking stamina or the yen to take me there.

  2. Is Akasaka one of those places with lots of bars and stuff? I've heard of it in songs like 'Wakaretemo sukina hito' so I assume its something like that.

    One thing I'd like to do would be go to one of those izakayas to see how it feels like to be in a place where many Enka/Mood Kayo songs revolve around/take place. And I would like to just sit there and hopefully get to listen to some Enka/Mood Kayo while having a drink (most likely a glass of water).

    1. Yes, Akasaka is definitely one of the big drinking hubs in Tokyo, and when it comes to Mood Kayo, it's the representative area along with Ginza. The bars can be exorbitantly expensive but there are also more wallet-friendly izakaya and some really good Korean restaurants there as well.

      As for drinking, Japan was the place that finally got (forced?) me to imbibe alcohol. I usually drank beer or sake at those places. In your case, just wait 5 more years and then head over to Tokyo; you can tackle your first chuu-jokky then (medium-sized mug of beer). :)


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