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Friday, September 12, 2014

Sentimental City Romance -- Sun Sunny Friend

This was another track from my recent purchase of J-AOR hits, "Light & Mellow -- Breeze" from which I've covered Fumiya Sashida's(指田郁也)"Parallel" and Nona Reeves' "Bad Girl". When I first heard Sentimental City Romance's "Sun Sunny Friend" (grand name for a band with AOR tendencies, by the way), I had initially thought that the song was recorded back in the 70s or 80s. As it turned out, I was off by a few decades. In fact, it was from their 2011 album "Yattokame"(やっとかめ)which was SCR's first original studio album in 25 years.

Vocalist Tokuo Nakano(中野督夫)gives a truly sunny performance about falling in love with that girl who's splendid in any season. Some of Billy Joel's and Elton John's mid-tempo laid-back works came to mind when I was listening to this one. There hasn't been much of a summer this year here but at least memories of a good one can come racing back with "Sun Sunny Friend".

Nakano was responsible for the lyrics and music with Masami Takeuchi(竹内正美)assisting on the words. Nice to hear that AOR is still alive and well in Japan.

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