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Monday, September 1, 2014

Welcome, Noelle!

Hi, J-Canuck here! New month, new contributor. I just wanted to take the time to welcome Noelle Tham to "Kayo Kyoku Plus". Noelle had been commenting on a number of the enka/Mood Kayo articles and for the longest time, I'd wanted to find someone who had an interest in the genres who would be willing to talk about his/her experiences with singers such as Kiyoshi Maekawa, Hibari Misora and Hiroshi Itsuki and their music. And most fortunately, I was able to meet Noelle via the blog, and I'm looking forward to hearing about her own insights into one of the major parts of kayo kyoku.

She has already put up her first article on the aforementioned Maekawa, one of my own favourite artists from the Mood Kayo department, so why don't you have a read of that one? And she has her own blog via Google, so you can also read more about her there.

All the best!

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