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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Jun Fukuyama -- Bamboo☆Scramble

My knowledge of anime and seiyuu (voice actor) is very limited compared to my friend who could pretty much lecture on the subject at university. However, I know what I like....programs with heart and loopy humour no matter what the setting (a kickass starship is also a nice touch). Several months ago, my buddy introduced the first couple of episodes from a slice-of-life anime adapted from a manga titled "Shirokuma Cafe"(しろくまカフェ...Polar Bear Cafe)which had come out in early 2012. For me, I consider it a mix of the American sitcom "Cheers" and the animal kingdom with the main stars being a realistically rendered (for anime, anyways) polar bear, panda and penguin. I have recently been able to get the entire run of "Shirokuma Cafe" so have been enjoying the appealing weirdness of a polar bear running a cafe out in the Tokyo 'burbs with his buddies popping by frequently like Norm and Cliff.

Jun Fukuyama(福山潤)is the seiyuu behind the lazy-pants Panda. Apparently, Fukuyama is much more famously known through his role in "Code Geass" as Lelouch Lamperouge but as of this writing, I can only identify him as the whiny but cuddly member of ailuropoda melanoleuca. And as any voice actor will do from time to time, Fukuyama also provides his vocal cords in character to the first of several ending themes for "Shirokuma Cafe". "Bamboo☆Scramble" was written and composed by Saki(紗希)and has that cheerful strut-happy beat with a Chinese twist that reflects somewhat on the droll good humour and camaraderie on the series which lasted a year.

Here's one scene from the series with the characters approaching the fine sport of baseball.

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