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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Noriyuki Makihara -- 80km/h no Kimochi (80km/hの気持ち)

One of the other songs that I enjoyed from Noriyuki Makihara's(槇原敬之)debut album, "Kimi ga Warau Toki Kimi no Mune ga Itamanai Yo ni"(君が笑うとき、君の胸が痛まないように....So That Your Chest Doesn't Hurt When You Laugh)was the 3rd track, "80km/h no Kimochi" (My Feelings at 80km/h). Clever title aside, Mackey's lyrics go into the usual unrequited love thing that songwriters in Japan especially love to go over and over. However, it's the music that he whipped up for the song that has often popped up in my head ever since I bought the album back in its original release year of 1990.

When I consider the speed of falling in love, I would usually assume it's equivalent to a Bullet Train at top speed. So, the title's speed of 80 km/h perhaps is just right (although I would love to have been the fly on the wall in Makihara's apartment when he was deciding upon that speed); not that heart-hammering speed of 200 km/h but still at a good gallop to show that the guy still has that torch for the woman out of his reach. 

Returning to the music, it's a pleasant mid-tempo jog, perhaps reflecting the pitter-patter of that heart. I especially enjoy the part where the synth goes "ba-DUM-dum-dum" and the bit where the solo trumpet comes in for an insertion of jazz. In a way, the music seems to tell the story about the lovelorn fellow as he goes out his healthy walk only to spot that lady with the other guy which stops him cold and makes him want to stalk the couple (in that rom-com way) for a little while.

Mackey has a long list of hits but also consider some of the non-singles from his albums. Some nice things could pop up among them as well. Still, his official 2nd single and the first track from "Kimi ga Warau Toki Kimi no Mune ga Itamanai Yo ni", "Answer" is a wonderful ballad.

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