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Friday, September 30, 2016

Akiko Wada -- Saa Boken da (さあ冒険だ)

Since I've gotten into that nostalgic "Ponkikies"(ポンキッキーズ)mood thanks to writing about "Kimi to Boku"(キミとボク)in the last several minutes, I found another catchy song from the Fuji-TV kids' show. The songs used for the program were not only used in the music segments but also for the intros and outros. One particular song that resonated with me at the end of an episode was "Saa Boken da" (Hey, It's An Adventure) since the video involved scenes from the 1902 French movie "A Trip to the Moon".

This was sung by veteran soul singer Akiko Wada(和田アキ子)as her 59th single from September 1995. At first, I hadn't been able to recognize that it was the relatively tall and tough Wada since she approached it vocally with a lighter touch, and certainly it was a different sort of melody for her. In fact, I was downright impressed by the names involved in the making of "Saa Boken da". Chisato Moritaka(森高千里)and Shigesato Itoi(糸井重里)wrote the lyrics while Tatsuya Ishii(石井竜也)of Kome Kome Club(米米CLUB)took care of the music with the band arranging the whole thing.

"Saa Boken da" has that fun and carefree spirit of a road trip whether by car or motorcycle, and it looks like it was filtered through The Beatles with that harmonica in there. However, that melody also seems to be following a pattern similar to that old musical song "Ol' Man River". And just like that standard, "Saa Boken da" keeps rolling along to the next destination.

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