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Friday, May 11, 2018

BLU-SWING -- Realize

Yup, I finally did it. Caught "Avengers: Infinity War" yesterday afternoon followed by copious amounts of Japanese food and drink. Did I think it was the best movie ever made for the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Uh...not really, but didn't expect that it would be. I still think "Captain America: Winter Soldier" and perhaps one other have higher rankings. However, the year's most anticipated blockbuster is as solid as Thor's muscles and I have realized that it is truly a Marvel comic book brought to life. The only thing missing is the splash line by Stan Lee screaming "THIS ISSUE: EVERYONE DIES!!". And of course, in a Marvel comic, no one (at least no one important) really stays dead for long.

Ah, I did use the word "realize", didn't I? Time for another lame segue into what is a really cool song. "Realize" is a track from BLU-SWING's debut album "Revision" (September 2008), and as the sophomore entry for the band on this blog, I can make comparisons between it and their 2015 "Flash", and state that "Realize" is a pretty frenetic piece of jazz-pop compared to the groovier and funkier nature of "Flash".

There was at least one YouTube comment to "Realize" that alluded to its resemblance to "TANK!", the classic anison for "Cowboy Be-Bop". Yes, one of the guys is really working that wood bass hard which makes me wonder if anison fans will listen to certain jazz songs and automatically think "TANK!" like Pavlovian dogs. As for "Realize", I really like that bass going off at full speed and also that storming percussion. It makes me really realize that there is some fine music not necessarily recognized by Oricon that one can access if willing to dig a few centimetres below the earth, so to speak.

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