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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Etsuko Sai -- Down Town Girl

J-C already posted about Etsuko Sai (彩恵津子) and her 1984 album "Reach Out".

Back Cover / credits

Lyric Insert

My favorite track is "Down Town Girl" from Oda Tetsuro (織田 ) and arranged by Kazuo Ohtani (大谷和夫).

I could loop the first 0:25 forever; it never fails to put me on a rooftop at twilight.  Originally found this through Artzie/Desired, from the vapourwave version.  Awesome itself (but too short) they make as good an old/new pair as I've found:

One of these days I'll have to watch Lum ...

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  1. Hi, T-cat!

    Thanks very much for "Down Town Girl". It definitely stands out from "Reach Out" and it's an interesting mix of the Chinatown kayo that I've heard in the past and 80s contemporary material. There is that breezy freshness blowing through the song (though that makes it sound like a detergent...:)).


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