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Monday, May 14, 2018

Sumiko Yamagata -- Natsu no Hikari ni(夏の光に)

Almost the middle of May and not too far away from summer. Still a bit cool but not unpleasantly so. Considering the ice storm that we had a few weeks ago, I wouldn't trade the weather today for anything previously.

(from about 1:05)

Therefore, let's start the week off right with something relaxing, right along the same meteorological tones. Managed to find this calming song on YouTube after listening to it on one of the "Light Mellow" series of discs. Titled "Natsu no Hikari ni" (In The Summer Light), this was Sumiko Yamagata's(やまがたすみこ)9th single from July 1976, perhaps when she first made that transition from folk to AOR.

Composed by Yamagata and written by Makoto Kitajo(喜多條忠), it's a languid and light tune about the time period surrounding a romantic breakup. The singer sounds so comforting and smooth and that keyboard just flows like spring water. Very nice combination. "Natsu no Hikari ni" was also a track on her 6th album "Summer Shade"(サマー・シェイド)which was released in July of that same year.

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