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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Mayumi Horikawa -- Lemon Kankaku(レモン感覚)

"Now, let's get out there and make a DIFFERENCE!"

Caught "Deadpool 2" with the guys today, and although it wasn't quite as good as the first one, it still provided plenty of enjoyment, and there is a mid-credits sequence that has to be seen to be believed which will have the Marvel fans punching their fists in the air.

Quite the contrast talking about the raunchy Deadpool and then bringing in this calm and cozy song by Mayumi Horikawa(堀川まゆみ), but let me have my Blogger's Privilege here. This would be her 2nd single "Lemon Kankaku" (Lemon Feeling) from April 1979, and compared to her relatively melancholy debut effort "Daddy"(ダディ)from the previous year, "Lemon Kankaku" is lighter and happier. Perhaps I can even catch a bit of Motown in there.

Created by the same tandem who took care of "Daddy", lyricist Keisuke Yamakawa and composer Masataka Matsutoya(山川啓介・松任谷正隆), the song was also placed as a bonus track in what I'm assuming is the re-released version of Horikawa's debut album "Elm Douri no Shojo"(楡通りの少女...Elm Street Girl)which had been originally put out in December 1978.

Considering that she became more known as a songwriter for future singers such as Miki Imai(今井美樹)and Kyoko Koizumi(小泉今日子), it's always nice to hear her material as a singer herself.. It's not bad to hear kayo from the 1970s that are just straight-ahead pop.

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