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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

B'z -- Easy Come, Easy Go!

Time for some of that B'z sound once more, and for today, this will be through the duo's 6th single "Easy Come, Easy Go!"

Released in October 1990, and of course, written by vocalist Koshi Inaba(稲葉浩志)and composed by guitarist Takahiro Matsumoto(松本孝弘), I was reading in the J-Wiki article on the song about how there was opposition from people around the duo about making this an actual single, and apparently there were record and CD shops when the powers-that-be were making visits to them to campaign for "Easy Come, Easy Go!" that simply remarked that the song was too blah to sell successfully.

I gather with that story behind it, this single was well-named then. To be frank, "Easy Come, Easy Go!" isn't exactly my favourite B'z song with other singles such as "Bad Communication" and "Love Phantom" easily ranking over this one. What it has is the remembered title and the nostalgic aspect of the melody in a "Aw, yeah...I remember this one!" sort of way.

Still, "Easy Come, Easy Go!" proved the naysayers wrong. It went Platinum, hitting the No. 1 spot on Oricon and staying there for 3 straight weeks, the first B'z single to hang in there on top for more than 2 weeks. Selling over 470,000 copies, it ended up as the 28th-ranked single of 1990. It also ended up on a number of albums, the first one being "Risky", B'z's 4th original album from November 1990 which also hit No. 1. The album quickly ranked in at No. 26 on the annual charts for that year and even became the 10th-ranked release for 1991. Still hung in there for 1992 as well by charting in at No. 50. Becoming a million-seller was pretty much fait accompli.

The single was re-released in 2003 and charted in at No. 7.

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