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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Apple Pye -- Coconut Holiday

A commenter told me about this number some months ago and since I already have one song by the pop group Apple Pye(あっぷるぱい)on the blog, I think it's time to put up a second entry.

This would be "Coconut Holiday" from their 2012 debut album "Apple Pye". It's another song of relaxation that is reminiscent of some aspects of 1970s pop (perhaps Jimmy Buffet). With the summer coming up within the next number of weeks, it wouldn't be a bad thing to listen to this one to get into the mood for Coppertone and beach chairs.

With a name like Apple Pye and then the first two songs I've heard by the band focused on foodstuffs, I kinda figured that these guys were going along the Weird Al Yankovic route but seeing some of the titles for the other tracks, I think my suspicions were allayed to a certain extent. Anyways, it's all nice lazing-around music although "Coconut Holiday" gets into a semi-intense riff near the end.

But I do have to inform you that "Coconut Holiday" is only available on the LP version of "Apple Pye" and not the CD according to what I read on that Soundcloud page. Nuts!


  1. Hello J-Canuck,

    No wonder this sounds so familiar! When I heard the beginning of this song I thought they had sampled Ayumi Ishida & Tin Pan Ally's Watashi Jishin.


    So what!

    It is not who did it first but who did it well.

    And they both did it so well!


    1. Hello, Chasing Showa!

      Ahh...curse your incredible ears! :)

      Listened to Ayumi Ishida again, and yep, there are similarities. Still, as you said, both are fine numbers, and y'know, I wouldn't blame anyone else for borrowing the riff from Hosono. After all, he's one of the great songwriters for any genre.


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