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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Tomita Lab -- Kono Yo wa Fushigi featuring Yuko Hara, Ken Yokoyama, Ringo Shiina and Yu Sakai (この世は不思議 - 冨田ラボ feat. 原由子、横山剣、椎名林檎、さかいゆう)

Up to this point, I had always seen Tomita Lab as this wonderful weaver of laidback cafe-friendly songs such as the ones that I fell in love with on his debut album "Shipbuilding" from 2003.

Then, a few nights ago, I happily encountered this cute video with these kids emulating a typical "Law & Order" episode a la "Bugsy Malone". Even better, the child actors were lip-synching to this cool tune titled "Kono Yo wa Fushigi" (This World Is Strange). Composed by Tomita Lab and written by Shintaro Sakamoto(坂本慎太郎)for the former's 4th original album "Joyous" from October 2013, it brings back some nice memories of Stevie Wonder's brand of funk.

And it's got Yuko Hara(原由子)from Southern All Stars, the divine Ringo Shiina(椎名林檎), Ken Yokoyama(横山剣)from the Crazy Ken Band, and singer-songwriter Yu Sakai (さかいゆう ). Nice to hear Tomita Lab go a bit more uptempo and downtown here. I'm such a sucker for Stevie Wonder and the horns and can only fantasize this superstar lineup performing this onstage someday. Now I gotta wonder about catching up on the Lab's collection. The album by the way peaked at No. 39.

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