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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Teresa Teng -- Come On, Sunshower (カモン・サンシャワー)

If this photo of an ancient Canadian Tire tape looks familiar to you, that is because I used the same picture for my most recent Hiromi Iwasaki(岩崎宏美)article in which one of her songs was on an episode of "Sounds of Japan" that is on the tape.

Well, there was another song on the fact, it was the song that started off the episode. It was called "Come On, Sunshower", the 33rd single of the duo Cherish (チェリッシュ) that came out in March 1982. Looking at a chart of their singles and their success at J-Wiki, it was obvious that their heyday was back in the early 1970s. The song didn't even chart on Oricon.

Still, I liked the really upbeat nature of the tune that was created by lyricist Kohei Oikawa(及川恒平)and composer Kisaburo Suzuki(鈴木キサブロー). And I would have liked to have introduced the actual song to you via YouTube as well. The only thing is that no such video exists there or on any of the other sites. However, what has still made this article possible is the fact that a cover was performed by Teresa Teng (テレサ・テン) a couple of years later. If I read the description correctly, it is a Mandarin cover by the late singer but it is still unmistakably "Come On, Sunshower" since the arrangement hasn't changed all that much including a happy electric guitar.

There are quite a few Cherish tunes up on YouTube. I hope that this particular one does get its due someday.

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