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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Dorian -- summer rich feat. hitomitoi

I came across some of this fellow's material on YouTube and when I saw that chanteuse Hitomitoi(一十三十一)was involved for one of his songs, I gave it a try. Nothing that broke the mold but it was still nice and sunny.

There's barely anything about this lad by the name of Dorian outside of a short blurb on this site called "felicity" but he has been doing his best to spread the word of gospel for urban dance music. I'm not quite sure that his "summer rich" with Hitomitoi would be something to boogie down to, but it does make for some pleasant listening. It's included on his third original album "Studio Vacation EP" which was released back in August 2011.

Along with Hitomitoi, Dorian has worked with folks like Towa Tei and ZEN-LA-ROCK. The only other information that I could find about him is that according to the music video for "summer rich", he can apparently shred a mean shovel!

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