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Friday, June 16, 2017

ORESAMA -- Ohkami Heart (オオカミハート)

Again, it's not usually my custom to feature a singer or a band twice within a month but some time after I read commenter Karen's remark how much she liked ORESAMA's debut single after reading my article on their contribution of an anison to the show "Alice to Zouroku"(アリスと蔵六), I decided to take a look at the song.

Well, I gotta say that "Ohkami Heart" (Wolf's Heart) is quite the fun song and I think the video really helps! I guess I've always enjoyed those whimsical day-glo images that transports me back to the 80s. Don't know or can't quite remember who they were but there were some artists back then who came up with those images. In any case, whoever produced the video gets my compliments especially in their rendition of ORESAMA members Pon(ぽん)and Hideya Kojima(小島英也). As for the song itself, there is something old and new in the arrangement as if 80s technopop band PSY-S passed the baton to its next generation.

ORESAMA's debut came out in December 2014 as the ending theme song for the anime "Ōkami Shōjo to Kuro Ōji"(オオカミ少女と黒王子...Wolf Girl and Black Prince). My anime buddy never showed me this one despite the big-name seiyuu; I guess from what I've read of the plot, perhaps it was a little too sappy romantic for him. Vocalist Pon took care of the lyrics while Kojima composed the music.

I see that the band's other single, "Dramatic" has a video with a similar graphic design theme. Will have to look at that one, too.

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  1. Glad that you checked out the song! I had no idea that this was their debut single, or that it was the opening for that anime- though I watched the live action version. Dramatic sounds interesting as well. Thanks for another great article!


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