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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Mondo Grosso feat. bird -- TIME

As someone commented for the above video, it's been too long since the last collaboration between bird and Mondo Grosso. I still fondly remember their sunny "Life" from 2000.

"Time" isn't an instant earworm but it's still pleasant enough. At first, I couldn't quite believe it was actually bird singing but as the song went along, that distinct voice started emerging again. Nice to hear her after so long.

It is the first track on Mondo Grosso's latest album "Nando demo Atarashiku Umareru"(何度でも新しく生まれる...Newly Reborn Over and Over)that was released just last week. And MG's website has some videos for the tracks. Along with bird, UA gives her contributions as well as actress/singer Hikari Mitsushima(満島ひかり)and Asuka Saito(齋藤飛鳥)from Nogizaka 46(乃木坂46).

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