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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Kazuhiro Nishimatsu -- My Last Lady

I think I had a suit just like the one the dude above is wearing. Gray and shiny, it was, and I had the skinny ties to match. No sunglasses, though.

Sartorial comments aside, this is Kazuhiro Nishimatsu(西松一博)and "My Last Lady" from his 1981 debut album "Good Times". I first heard this on New J Channel's radio while it was still up and running, and was surprised to find out that an actual YouTube video of the song existed. It's a short and sweet tune that seems to mix in City Pop, AOR, and New Music with a dollop of whimsy (kinda reminiscent of Junichi Inagaki/稲垣潤一). I also like that guitar solo that I assume was by guitarist Tsuyoshi Kon(今剛)since he arranged the song. Nishimatsu composed the melody while Kumiko Tomoi(友井久美子)brought in the lyrics.

Close to nothing else about Nishimatsu aside from the fact that after the AOR-centered "Good Times", he brought together the aforementioned Kon, drummer Tatsuo Hayashi(林立夫), and T-Square's keyboardist Tadashi Namba(難波正司)to create an Ethno/Ambient band called Aragon in 1983 with a self-titled album coming out in 1985.

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