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Monday, August 13, 2018

Gokudols Niji-Gumi -- Hoshi no Katachi(星のかたち)

About a month ago, I talked about the increasingly nutty "Back Street Girls ~ Gokudols"(ゴクドルズ), the story of three Yakuza members who get a unique punishment from their ambitious and deranged boss. The show of course has gone ahead a few more episodes, and now apparently, the aidoru group Gokudols Niji-Gumi(ゴクドルズ虹組...Gokudols Rainbow Gang)may have a fourth American member in the wings after making that same life-changing trip to Thailand (So long, George. Hello, Rina!).

The opening theme "Gokudol Music"(ゴクドルミュージック)has already become one of my anison earworms for 2018, and it's to the point that I will probably no longer hear that famous Yakuza trumpet fanfare without the launch into the super-cheerful theme song. However, the ending theme, also by Gokudols Niji-Gumi, has started to grow on me like a weed in recent weeks.

Titled "Hoshi no Katachi" (The Shape of Stars), it's less frenzied than the opener but it's still plenty effervescent with perhaps a little bit of a Latin twist. It's written by Taku Inoue and composed by CHI-MEY, and I'm hoping that the full version of this also comes out pretty soon (yay, it has!). In fact, some of the other tunes by the group have been popping here and there through the episodes, so my anime buddy has said that he will definitely plunk down his yen, if a CD comes out with all of the songs together.

We're halfway through the season, so I'm looking forward to how much crazier "Back Street Girls" will get, and supposedly Episode 6 may throw out the Gokudols' biggest threat yet in the form of an embittered and vengeful enka singer. Much hilarity to continue, I'm sure.

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