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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Yumi Mizusawa -- Suki ni Naru Sozai(好きになる素材)

(Sorry but the video has been taken down.)

I found this short and sweet song by actress/singer Yumi Mizusawa(水沢有美)titled "Suki ni Naru Sozai" (Some Element To Be Loved Me). It came out as the B-side to her second-last of 7 singles, "Anata no Subete wo"(あなたをすべてを...All of You)in May 1971, and it was also a track on her first LP which came out at the same time, "Mizusawa Yumi to Paul Simon no Sekai ~ New York Voice Tanjo"(水沢有美とポールサイモンの世界~ニュー・フォーク・ボイス誕生...The World of Yumi Mizusawa & Paul Simon ~ A New York Voice is Born).

Her singing career was much shorter than her time as an actress, but I do like "Suki ni Naru Sozai" for Mizusawa's light vocals, the bossa-inflected melody and a simple melody that works. Mizusawa herself took care of both words and music. I might say that this could have been a Junko Yagami(八神純子)number even before Yagami started her own illustrious career. The interesting thing here is that repeated keyboard riff which seems to make the song sound a bit more contemporary than it was.

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