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Monday, July 1, 2019

Inotomo -- Calpis(カルピス)

I wouldn't mind having a sip of the drink right now. It was always so easy in Japan to get a Calpis whether it was in a PET bottle from the nearest conbini or a can from a vending machine. Nowadays in Toronto, though, it's one of those drinks that I can get perhaps once or twice a year and at a fairly hefty price.

Well, there is always a trade off. I get great Greek food here but only went to a Greek restaurant just once in Tokyo in my 17 years there, and I wasn't too impressed. I do enjoy my souvlaki and flaming saganaki!

Before I get further away from the topic, allow me to introduce the very relaxing "Calpis" by Fukuoka-born singer-songwriter Inotomo(イノトモ), aka Tomoko Inoue(井上ともこ). This "Calpis" from her 4th album "Nanairo"(七色...Seven Colours)in May 2003 is worthy of several sips from a tall cool glass of the famous Japanese yogurty drink, preferably in a hammock. The song even has a bit of bossa nova in there, too.

Inotomo came to Tokyo as an 18-year-old and after learning about acoustics, she initially started work as a sound designer for a theatre troupe before making the switch to a musician. She made her debut in 1998 and has released 10 singles and 12 albums including a BEST compilation and a live release. Inotomo has also created many jingles for commercials.

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