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Monday, July 29, 2019

Kyosuke Kusunoki -- For Our Love

Back to the rat race with all that hot weather out there. Perhaps it might be time for something soothing to start off the work week.

"For Our Love" is another track from urban contemporary crooner Kyosuke Kusunoki's(楠木恭介)1985 album "Just Tonight", a release that I would love to get if it's available somewhere. Hopefully, Tower Records is reading this.

Compared with its trackmate, the Bobby Caldwell-reminiscent "Come to Me Again", "For Our Love" is an English-language song with an intro that reminds me of Rod Temperton while Kusunoki has that appealing mix of Fujimal Yoshino(芳野藤丸)and Michael McDonald in his voice. There is also that nice sax solo to go along with those rich keyboards. I couldn't confirm the songwriters but I think it was probably Kusunoki behind the melody with the late Hiroshi Narumi(鳴海寛)handling the arrangements (he's also on guitar), if "Come to Me Again" is of any indication.

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