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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Main Cast of "Sailor Moon"/Momoiro Clover Z -- Moon Revenge

Well, it is the anniversary of the moon landing, after all! I couldn't let the day go by without ignoring this one. So I am continuing on from today's moon-theme songs.

I recall my anime buddy showing me "Sailor Moon R: The Movie"(劇場版美少女戦士セーラームーンR)from 1993 years ago, and from what I could remember was the title character dying (again) and revived (again) on some sort of meteor with all of the other Sailors collapsing on her in a heap of relieved tears. You know it's serious when even Sailor Mars is happy to see Sailor Moon alive again.

To be honest, it's been the ending theme of that movie, "Moon Revenge", which has stuck with me in the years since. With the clamor of banging 80s synths and percussion, the song just takes off with such an intrepid beat that it could probably go up against "Moonlight Densetsu"(ムーンライト伝説)as the theme for the franchise. The music seems to be fairly screaming "I'M SAILOR MOON, B**CH!"

And for that, we have to thank singer-songwriter Akiko Kosaka(小坂明子)for that melody and lyricist Kayoko Fuyumori(冬杜花代子). "Moon Revenge" got no higher than No. 85 on Oricon, but I think the Sailor Moon fans will always cherish it. Besides the entire main cast is behind the mike: Kotono Mitsuishi(三石琴乃), Aya Hisakawa(久川綾), Emi Shinohara(篠原恵美), Michie Tomizawa(富沢美智恵)and Rika Fukami(深見梨加).

I read that "Moon Revenge" has been covered by a few other singers including songwriter Kosaka herself back in 2013. And I did find this cover by dynamic aidoru group Momoiro Clover Z(ももいろクローバーZ)which was released in July 2014 as a part of their 12th single, "Moon Pride", the opening theme for the reboot series "Sailor Moon Crystal"(美少女戦士セーラームーンCrystal). The single peaked at No. 3. Nice guitar solo but I will have to go with the original.


  1. Michie Tomizawa (Sailor Mars) sounds the most capable singer among them.

    1. Hello, Jim.

      Yeah, she did a pretty good job with "White Christmas".


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