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Friday, October 23, 2015

Asami Kado -- Blue

I think the above picture says it all about Fashion Music singer Asami Kado(門あさ美). She not only can sing the martini-friendly, sophisticated stuff but the lady herself looks like someone who would belong in that certain environment. Yesterday, I pulled out her BEST album (so far the only tangible evidence of her musical existence on my shelves) and gave CD 1 another listening. As I remembered it, her body of work has been of the languid chaise lounge variety...some bossa, some West Coast, some other music which are all fine for the genre of City Pop.

"Blue" is one such track on that CD. Originally from her debut album "Fascination" (1979) whose title track was the first song I wrote about her, "Blue" was written and composed by Kado and has that atmosphere of fine wining and dining and romancing at a really nice restaurant in Aoyama. If a video had been made, it would have been filmed through a gauzy filter with perpetual close-ups on the youngish couple. Going through the lyrics, I believe the singer-songwriter was describing the feelings of one of the pair as he/she tries to get the other to step things up emotionally.

For a listener like me, I'm quite happy to avoid the sturm und drang of the relationship and just sit back and enjoy the melody on a quiet Friday night. 

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