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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Masayuki Suzuki -- Perfume

I kinda feel that I've already covered this album by Masayuki Suzuki(鈴木雅之)since three of the songs on this release have already been talked about: "Shibuya de Go-ji"(渋谷で5時), "Koibito"(恋人)and "Kirai da yo"(きらいだよ). And like those three, pretty much all of the tracks would make for a fine musical backdrop for a drive downtown on a Friday night in any city. It was right after finding about "Kirai da yo" that I decided to get the album itself from the good folks at CD Japan.

"Perfume" was released in September 1993 as Martin's 6th album. As I hinted above, the entire album can act as the soundtrack for that evening jaunt through Tokyo. Track 3 "Mayonaka ni Kagayaite"(真夜中に輝いて...Shining at Midnight)makes for that fine early start to painting the town red late at night as the Ferrari bombs down the Kan-Etsu highway....hopefully, the traffic has eased up by then. The song was created by Norie Kanzawa and Yasuhiro Abe(神沢礼江・安部恭弘).

The cool times continue with "Bishonure Broken Heart"(びしょぬれBROKEN HEART...Drenched Broken Heart)as Suzuki croons about another lost love as she is seen off on the subway. Kitsuma Ohshita(大下きつま)provided the lyrics and Abe once again provides the sultry music (and some background vocals) which has a hint of a previous Suzuki hit, "Wakare no Machi"(別れの街). I especially love the mellow horn section that conveys some of the melancholy feelings.

Yep, "Shibuya de Go-ji" already has its own article but I just wanted to put in the video since I neglected to mention who was behind the making of the song. Suzuki himself took care of the rollicking music while Kanata Asamizu(朝水彼方)provided the lyrics.

"Midnight Traveler" was actually Martin's 16th single from October 1993 with Ohshita behind the lyrics and Yoshiyuki Ohsawa(大沢誉志幸)taking care of the music. The couple is back in the car traveling the nighttime streets probably enjoying the groove here. It only got as high as No. 53 on the Oricon weeklies but, hey, I'm still happy to have it here on "Perfume". Musician-songwriter Yoshiyuki Sahashi(佐橋佳幸)is the one doodling away on the guitar like a boss.

Just so that the album isn't all funk & soul & high energy, the finale is represented by the gospel & blues of "Mou Ichido Umare Kuru Naraba"(もう一度生まれ来るならば...If I'm Born Again), in which Suzuki prays for another chance to meet that soulmate in another life. Martin took care of both music and lyrics here. Although I wouldn't say that it is at the level of a lullaby, it's a nice ballad to wind things down to after that night out.

"Perfume" hit No. 2 on Oricon and I'm quite glad that I could get it at last. Try listening to some of the tracks while watching the above video of a drive through Tokyo.

Good gravy! The back of this CD is more stylish
than my entire wardrobe...

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  1. My own comment here, but I just have to point out that my darling 10-year-old niece either heard or at least looked at the cover to the album and declared it "Cool". I will make a kayo kyoku fan out of her yet (rubbing my hands with glee).

    Just played the above video for "Shibuya de Go-ji" while looking at the "Tokyo Night Drive" video with the sound off. Perfect.


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