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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Bread & Butter -- Nagisa ni Ikou (渚に行こう)

Well, I need not regret anymore. I finally got that Bread & Butter album, "Late Late Summer" that I had been wondering about back in my last article on the folk/AOR/City Pop duo. And as my former student had said, it's a very comforting album.

"Nagisa ni Ikou" (Let's Go To The Beach) is another track from Bread & Butter's 6th album (1979), but I don't think the Iwasawa Brothers really wanted to invite us for a sweaty game of volleyball on the shore. Instead, they wanted us to just lie down on the sand at sunset, judging from the really laid back melody which was made by one of the siblings, Fuyumi(岩沢二弓). However, the lyrics by Ayumi Date(伊達歩)describe that romantic stroll by the beach. Those sparkling keyboards automatically had me thinking pouring Perrier. Such were the days of City Pop back then. By the way, the arrangement was handled by Haruomi Hosono and Shigeru Suzuki(細野晴臣・鈴木茂)from Happy End.

Listening to Bread & Butter especially here, I couldn't help but feeling that they sounded like a really mellow version of ALFEE or Spitz.

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