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Monday, October 12, 2015

Every Little Thing -- Over and Over

Years ago at the end of the century, I decided to give a Monday night drama on YTV a try. Titled "Border - Hanzai Shinri Sosa File"(ボーダー 犯罪心理捜査ファイル...Criminal Psychology Investigative Files), it starred Akina Nakamori(中森明菜)as a criminal profiler who took care of the goriest cases. I don't think there were any aliens involved but there was a nod of the hat to "The X-Files". The show started decently in the ratings department although things started going downhill from there. Even for a non-prime time show (it was broadcast at 10 p.m.), the crimes were pretty dire. I gather that when the premiere episode featured a psycho who chainsawed women alive in his basement, viewers were not all that thrilled. Then there was the fact that Nakamori suffered some major injuries in an accident and then influenza so the series was cut short by one episode.

The only other thing that I remembered from "Border" aside from the chainsaw (and the woman who sliced off other women's breasts to serve in soup) was the ending theme by Every Little Thing, "Over and Over". Written and composed by the former keyboardist for ELT, Mitsuru Igarashi(五十嵐充), as the group's 11th single in January 1999, I'm not sure if the title was meant to refer to the endless horrors that Nakamori's Kirie Sugishima underwent but especially after that first episode, I was quite grateful for the hopeful-sounding ending theme. Perhaps that was the aim of Igarashi's work here

"Over and Over" peaked at No.4 on Oricon and ended the year as the 69th-ranked single as it went Double Platinum.

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