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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hitomi Yaida -- I'm here saying nothing

Haven't heard this one in a good long while. But when Hitomi Yaida's(矢井田瞳)3rd single was released in January 2001, its video was another long-running one on the various channels and music shows. I always remembered "I'm here saying nothing" as the one with the girl in the creepy mask of Yaiko and a dancing Yaiko on the sand (didn't remember the ostrich though).

Of course, "I'm here saying nothing" was written and composed by Yaida herself, and the lyrics were esoteric enough so that I could agree with the title. According to the J-Wiki article on the song, the video had a bit of an Irish motif, although I think the song itself had that exotic tinge that was probably somewhere deeper in the European mainland. But what sold the song on me were her fresh vocals.

"I'm here saying nothing" got as high as No. 4 on Oricon, and was a track on her 2nd original album, "Candlize" from October 2001 which hit the top spot on the charts and ended up as the 33rd-ranked album of the year.

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