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Friday, October 2, 2015

Especia -- Bay Blues

October has definitely come in like an autumn lion. There's no doubt about how chilly it's gotten in the evenings...makes for a nice brisk walk downtown in the big city on a Friday night.

I've found another soulful song to accompany that walk over to the bar, Especia's "Bay Blues". Written by mirco and composed by miifuu, it's got that fine 80s slow groove that almost demands a velvet-voiced radio DJ from the decade to introduce. Granted that the vocals won't have singers like Anita Baker or Luther Vandross shaking in their shoes, but as a tune by an aidoru group that has that nifty niche of the old City Pop and the R&B I used to know back in my high school and university days, it's alright by me.

"Bay Blues" was Track No. 2 on Especia's album "Gusto" from 2014 which peaked at No. 42 on Oricon. The title itself reminded me of the vacation that I took exactly a year ago when one Thursday night, we went down to the Odaiba district (aka Rainbow Town) on Tokyo Bay. One area has become a good night spot for photography with the Tokyo skyline and Rainbow Bridge against the night sky.

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