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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Yoshie Kashiwabara -- Jikan wo Kudasai (時間をください)

I can't quite remember under what circumstances I ended up purchasing the audiotape of Yoshie Kashiwabara's(柏原芳恵)15th album, "Machikutabirete Yokohama"(待ちくたびれてヨコハマ)from Wah Yueh. Possibly it was due to hearing all those renditions of her "Haru Nanoni"(春なのに)on episodes of "The Top 10" and enjoying her voice.

In any case, that's what I did. And for the first time in perhaps a quarter of a century, I opened up the old tape of "Machkutabirete Yokohama" and put it into the player. To be honest, the only song I remember from the album is the title track by Toyohisa Araki and Takashi Miki(荒木とよひさ・三木たかし)because of how sprightly it sounded. So perhaps I can say that I was listening to the album again with fresh ears. My impression at my re-acquaintance is that the 80s aidoru was singing a mix of ditties that could have either taken place in the city or in a small town.

The first track, "Jikan wo Kudasai" (Give Me Your Time Please) can probably sit between those two perhaps it is a suburban aidoru tune? Also created by Araki and Miki, Yoshie-chan's vocals and that arrangement provide instant nostalgia of how aidoru tunes sounded a few decades ago with the combination of strings and twee synths. I could say that the melody about pining for love has that innocence of a high school girl back in those days with the sailor suit uniform and the dome of short hair that was fairly common back then.

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